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IRA/401K/Qualified Plan Consulting

Have you ever heard of the “IRA Tax Bomb?” This is the approximately $10 trillion worth of assets held in qualified plans in the US (in IRAs, 401Ks, etc.). When people turn a specific age (generally 70 1/2), they are required to take minimum distributions from their qualified plans. This distribution percentage increases over time and must be withdrawn whether you need it or not. Every one of these dollars is taxed at your personal income tax rate, which may get bumped into a higher bracket with this excess income.

We can save our clients thousands of dollars in potential tax liabilities. We start by asking you, “What is the purpose of the IRA/401K, and will the investment be needed as a future income source?” Which makes more sense: to maintain a traditional IRA/401K, or to look to another strategy such as Partial Roth Conversion or Strategic Rollout? We’ll run an analysis of the effects for each on your portfolio and then let you decide.

Other qualified plan services we offer include:

401K and IRA rollover and Roth Conversion

Consolidating various qualified accounts for easier management and simplicity

IRA/401K rescue (recovering lost value in an IRA and guaranteeing principal)

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  • Personal & Estate Planning
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  • Executive & Group Benefits
  • US Based Life Insurance for Foreigners
  • Life Insurance
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